CD reviews

"The standard of musicianship is outstanding and the pace unrelenting"  Blues Matters UK, April 2012 about CD "Fats - a Tribute to Fats Domino"

“It only takes about 30 seconds of listening to the Boogie Woogie man's CD "Three Pound Fist" to know this guy belongs in America's most energetic roadhouses seven nights a week. That album title is more accurate than you can imagine...Heart patients are advised to check their pacemakers at the door.” - Tucson Citizen

”This album, “Just Like That!”, has a wild, communicative energy you can’t resist even if you’ve had a very bad day. One of those CDs you’ll listen to over and over again.”
- Frankie Bluesy Pfeiffer, Blues Matters UK issue 58

Working with our own Tucson rock 'n' roll heroes Danny Krieger (guitar) and Steve Grams (bass), along with guitarist Dicky Greenwood and drummer Ab Dekker, Mr.Boogie Woogie lays down 13 tracks worthy of the greasiest, smokiest, bestest roadhouse in the world. He might be from the Netherlands, but Eric-Jan Overbeek (Mr.BW's real name) has listened to all the right players. There's a strong stride sound in his left hand, a lightning attack in his right. But even Elton John and Billy Joel know how to pound a piano. What Mr.BW does so much better is swing the piano. The difference is, you not only start moving your body and tapping your foot, but your heart and soul are picked up and carried away to the Land of Good Times as well. Knowing that Danny and Steve are helping to pour on the coal for this trip makes the listening that much more fun. -  Chuck Graham, Tucson Citizen about CD "They're wings.... they're hot!"