”We can definitely say Mr.Boogie Woogie is not an acquired taste. His enthusiastic piano attacks are instantly accessible. He starts playing, you start smiling.” ~ Chuck Graham - Tucson Citizen

”We have just received the Mr.Boogie Woogie CDs here at PBS and rushed them to air. Real blues, played the way we like it. HOT!!! At last a return to what blues is about, that feeling, that groove and of course that talent. So good it sizzles!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ~ Radio Station PBS FM 106-7 Melbourne Australia

”Mr.Boogie Woogie is a piano player and singer with such an explosive energy, you can’t help but be taken in a whirl of wild hip shaking.” ~ Blues Matters UK issue 58

"It only takes about 30 seconds of listening to “the boogie woogie man” to know this guy belongs in America's most energetic roadhouses seven nights a week.... Heart patients are advised to check their pacemakers at the door." ~ Arizona Daily Star

“Overbeek's piano techniques can be described as nothing short of overwhelming." ~ Glendale Star

It’s not for nothing that they call him; “the Hardest Workin’Man in Boogie Land!” ~ a fan